BillGO powers millions – bill pay app retires

BillGO Fans!

Over the last 2 years, our mission at BillGO has been to help our customers, like you, be smarter with their money by offering an intelligent bill pay app. It’s been an amazing journey, and we’re honored you’ve joined us.

We could continue our success with the BillGO app, but the demand from the financial industry (banks, credit unions and other apps) with millions of consumers led us to question our WHY. Our purpose is to help others, which we could continue to do for tens of thousands through the app, or we could partner with financial institutions across the country to provide our technology to millions.

We have chosen to follow our beliefs, opting to allow others to use our technology so we can make a bigger impact on the world. We’re able to do real-time bill payments and provide PDF statements for over 4,000 billers in the country. That’s something no other company in the industry can do.

As a result of our decision, the BillGO app will no longer be available, but its technology will continue to power millions of bill payers through banks and other financial institutions.

After July 26th, the app will stop accepting new users, and you’ll no longer be able to add new bills with due dates after August 31st. All bills will be paid, as usual, up to that date.

Thank you for supporting BillGO and for all of your praise about the app and our service. Together, we’ve made the industry a better place, with the ability to pay bills in real-time, download PDF statements of your bills and have an overall better bill pay experience.

Dan Holt
Co-Founder & CEO, BillGO