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Top Fintech Podcasts

Fintech, Banking and Payment Podcasts You Need to Hear

Podcasts are booming. There are now nearly 2 million to choose from, making it nearly impossible to decide which ones are worth following. This is especially true if you're hoping to keep pace with the flood of finance, banking and payments thought leadership now occupying the airwaves.  

So many shows; so little time.  

To help out, we've assembled a list of go-to podcasts covering topics related to fintech, customer experience in banking and payments. We’ve even included a few episodes from each to help you determine if they have a place on your playlist. 

And although BillGO doesn't endorse all of the views or opinions expressed on these podcasts, we do find them educational, entertaining and even provocative from time to time. 

American Banker

Hosted by an award-winning team from American Banker, this podcast provides equal measures of expert analysis and food for thought. Episodes typically run 20-30 minutes and cover a wide range of issues. Recent topics include the idea of resizing the authority of the Federal Reserve, cashless societies and fighting gender bias in banking.

Sample Episodes:

Bankers Can Ease the Transition to a Cashless Society

By Penny Crossman

Featuring Shawn Rose, Scotiabank

The U.S. Needs to Take Digital Currency Seriously with Dave Birch

By Penny Crossman and Dave Birch

Fintech Insider

Hosts: David Brear, Jason Bates, Simon Taylor, and Sarah Kocianski

A generous mix of news coverage and in-depth interviews, Fintech Insider leans more to European guests and topics, but if you’re interested in getting a global perspective on APIs, AI and digital banking, Fintech Insider may be for you.  

Sample Episodes: 

Outsourcing in Financial Services: The New Industry Ecosystem

By David Brear

Featuring Latha Katam, Andreas Wolf and Joanne Dewar 

How You Can Get Cultural and Digital Transformation Right

By David Brear

Featuring Chris Skinner, Dr. Julia Furedi, and Nigel Walder

Breaking Banks

Hosts: Brett King, Jason Henrichs, & JP Nicols

With 7 million listeners in 180 countries, Breaking Banks is among the most popular fintech podcasts. Each week, the hosts delve into the personalities, startups and industry players who are driving disruption in financial services – exploring both the latest technology and the people behind it. 

Sample Episodes: 

Banking in a Digital-First World

By Brett King, Jason Henrichs 

Featuring Ron Shevlin  and Johanna Pugh

What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Innovate

By JP Nicols

Featuring Mark Donohue

One Vision

Hosts: Theo Lau, Brad Leimer and Arun Krishnakumar

Taking a holistic world view, One Vision fuses industry ideas alongside of sustainability, interviewing startup founders, investors and key policymakers in the innovation ecosystem to explore their impact on emerging markets, and what it all means for future generations. 

Sample Episodes: 

Will Banking (Finally) be Transformed

By Theo Lau and Brad Leimer

Featuring Elias Ghanem

The Future of Finance is Embedded

By Theo Lau and Brad Leimer

Banking Transformed

Host: Jim Marous 

News flash: digital disruption is reshaping the financial services industry and this podcast shines a light how this transformation is playing out. Banking and fintech influencer, Jim Marous, hosts this forward-looking broadcast, which looks at light on the leadership and cultural challenges arising from digital transformation within FIs and how to prepare for them.

Sample Episodes: 

The Rise of Big Tech Platforms in Banking

By Jim Marous 

Featuring Pinar Ozcan

How to Win in the Experience Economy

By Jim Marous 

Featuring Jim Gilmore

Tearsheet Podcast: The Business of Finance

Host: Zack Miller 

Want to keep up to date on the latest trends impacting the business of finance and digital disruption in the industry? Tearsheet helps with weekly episodes hosted by Zack Miller, founder of Digiday Media's influential media firm Tearsheet. Expect to hear a lot of interviews with thought leaders, senior executives and entrepreneurs. 

Sample Episodes: 

The Ins and Outs of Banking Cannabi‪s‬

By Zack Miller 

Featuring Keri Cain and Kevin Hart

Case Study: Inside Bank of Georgia's Digital Transformation

By Zack Miller 

Wharton Fintech Podcast

Hosts: Miguel Armaza and Ryan Zauk

Hosted by two recognized leaders in the field, Wharton Fintech connects listeners with those leaders who are reinventing global financial services. Guests include top fintech founders, investors and key thinkers from around the globe.

Sample Episodes: 

Doubling Down on Fintech

By Miguel Armaza and Ryan Zauk

Featuring Anish Acharya

Building Unicorns and Redefining Online Banking

By Miguel Armaza and Ryan Zauk

Featuring Renaud Laplanche

Payments on Fire 

Hosts: George Peabody and Yvette Bohanan 

Interested in the payments space? Look no further than Payments on Fire, the podcast from Glenbrook Partners. How can you not love a podcast that describes itself as a place "where payment issues are reviewed, dissected, and batted around with industry leaders ... a good conversation between payments geeks." Nuff said.

Sample Episodes:

Don’t Miss Out on Faster Payments, The Next Big Shift in Digital Payments

By George Peabody and Yvette Bohanan 

Featuring Russ Jones 

GPay’s Impact on Every Stakeholder - Way More Than a Wallet

By George Peabody and Yvette Bohanan 

Featuring Steve Klebe

Bank on It

Host: John Siracusa 

Running twice a week, this is one of the longest running and popular finance podcasts out there. Host John Siracusa sits down with fintech leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss back stories, their biggest innovations and their take on happenings in the fintech industry. Each episode also offers a “Nugget of the Week” -  a unique point of view or a reminder on how founders think, singled out and delivered in bite-sized chunks. 

Sample Episodes

Nugget of the Week - Lean Product Testing with Brandon Krieg from Stash

By John Siracusa 

Featuring Brandon Krieg

Nugget of the Week - The Hard Pivot is Leadership

By John Siracusa 

Featuring Sankaet Pathak

BAI Banking Strategies 

Host: Terry Badger 

If you want to keep up on the latest issues impacting the financial services industry, check out BAI’s Banking Strategies podcast hosted weekly by Terry Badger. This podcast - which kicked off 2021 by interviewing BillGO CEO Dan Holt - covers issues ranging from customer experience and digital banking, to diversity, regulatory changes and more. 

Sample Episodes: 

The Case for Upgrading and Updating Bank Bill Pay

By Terry Badger 

Featuring BillGO’s CEO, Dan Holt

Bankers Customer Want an Emotional Connection

By Terry Badger 

Featuring Anson Vuong

Want More Fintech Insights? 

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