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Frequently Asked Questions

As a fintech operating on the cutting edge of bill pay technology, we get a lot of questions about our solutions and features. Given the frequency, we thought it would be useful to share the following FAQ to provide a better understanding of BillGO, what we do, who we serve and how we’re helping create a more efficient bill payment ecosystem for everyone.

What does BillGO do?

BillGO is a fintech trailblazer, offering an all-in-one bill management and payments platform that harnesses the power of speed, choice and intelligence to deliver modern bill payment solutions to financial institutions (FIs), fintechs, billers and consumers. 

Whether consumers access our technology directly or through their preferred financial services provider, BillGO’s platform enables them to pay their bills when and how they want, which can empower them to better meet their financial obligations, save money and improve their financial well-being.

Who are BillGO’s customers?

BillGO’s real-time bill pay platform and network of (biller) networks serves more than 8,000 FIs, 32 million consumers and more than 170,000 biller and supplier endpoints. Our proprietary integrations with more than 20,000 billers facilitate faster payments. We also service the largest volume of state, city and metropolitan billers, as well as utility, telecommunications, cable providers and a wide array of subscription services.

For FIs, the BillGO platform provides an opportunity to transition away from legacy bill payment platforms and instead embrace technology that meets the needs of today’s digitally savvy consumers.  

For billers, BillGO streamlines payments, helping mitigate long-standing hassles like managing paper checks, tracking electronic payments and reconciling payments.

For consumers, BillGO offers a comprehensive bill management and payment experience that offers features like real-time payments, payment confirmations directly from billers and eBills with updated bill information - all in one place.

How many billers do you add to your platform each month?

On average, BillGO adds more than 400 new billers to our biller network every month. 

What kinds of billers does BillGO support?

We support a wide variety of billers: mortgage providers; credit and debit card issuers; automobile dealers; cellular services; cable TV and internet providers; utility providers including water, electric and gas; a multitude of subscription-based services; insurance and healthcare providers; government agencies; and retail businesses. 

In other words, BillGO can facilitate payments to almost any biller. And ‒ if a biller is not a part of our network ‒  we have a team dedicated to contacting new billers and inviting them into our network. 

How does BillGO differ from other companies working in billing and payments?

Four components set us apart:

  • BillGO provides consumers, billers, FIs and fintechs with a fast, frictionless, centralized platform (and a free bill pay app) enabling all to manage and pay bills in one consolidated place, supported by speed, choice and intelligence.
  • We have the most extensive electronic biller network made up of 170K+ endpoints (including more than 20,000 integrated billers) - and it grows larger every day.  
  • BillGO’s certified, bank-grade security surpasses all industry requirements around PCI, SOCII type II, AML BSA and audits.
  • Banks, billers, fintechs and developers can all benefit from our set of robust APIs and widgets to tailor a bill pay experience to best meet their customers’ needs.  

What types of payment methods does BillGO support?

BillGO supports all payment types including ACH, credit card, debit cards, virtual cards, virtual accounts and checks.

We also support all payment speeds ‒ real-time, same-day and scheduled/future payments.

Does BillGO only process electronic payments?

No. Although we are committed to making paying and managing bills easier by minimizing the use of paper checks (which reduces processing times and costs, while enhancing transaction security), we still process traditional checks when it is not possible to make an electronic payment.

How can my organization work with BillGO? 

The first step is to request a demo. After that, our team will meet with you to discuss your needs.