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The Best Bill Pay App Just Got Better


The next evolution of bill payment is here. After months of development, BillGO is excited to announce that our award-winning bill pay app is being enhanced with a brand-new look and feel.

Prism has always provided a seamless, intuitive and frustration-free bill pay experience. The latest app refresh builds on this legacy with increased functionality and an enhanced in-app experience to make it easier and more enjoyable than ever for users to quickly, securely and conveniently manage all their bills in one place.

Rest assured, none of the app’s core features and functionalities are going away with the refresh; on the contrary, we added elements to provide an even more intuitive bill pay experience.

“With the new refresh, we’re turning up the dial on everything that users already know and love about the app,” says Matt Gordon, Prism’s Senior Product Designer. “The result is an even more enjoyable experience that raises the bar for all other bill pay apps and platforms.”

Powered by one of the largest biller networks in the industry, the new-look Prism app is poised to create even more bill pay magic.

Bill Pay Has Never Looked This Good

Vibrant, beautiful, intuitive, enjoyable—these aren’t words typically used to describe what it’s like to manage your bills, but those are some of the words we heard a lot from beta testers who had early access to the new Prism app. But we’re not surprised; the aim of the most recent refresh was to deliver a crisp new look and feel that users expect from top-tier apps like Prism.

With the help of Y Media Labs, an award-winning digital product design and technology agency, the Prism team completely reimagined the look and feel of the app to deliver a best-in-class user experience. More than simply a “fresh coat of paint,” the redesign enhances the features, functionalities and processes that have made Prism one of the most popular and powerful tools for managing and paying bills - so much so it garnered press from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Product Hunt among others.

“More than anything else, the Prism refresh takes something that’s boring and painful—I’m talking about bill pay—and makes it sort of a fun and feel-good experience,” says Gordon. “In the end, that’s what Prism is all about: delighting users on their path to financial wellbeing.”

Introducing the New Bill Pay Action Center

With the refresh, the Prism team aimed to make things as streamlined as possible so users can get in, get out and get on with their day. In fact, unlike with most other apps, we want users to spend as little time as possible on the Prism app each month—just as long as it takes to view, manage and pay all of their bills. The new action center delivers on our promise to make bill pay quick and easy.

Case in point: the new bill pay action center.

The enhanced Prism app showcases all of a user’s bill pay action items on one screen. Instead of going into separate billers to view and pay their bills, users now have a virtual bill pay command center at their fingertips.

“One thing we know about our users is that their time is valuable, and that they don’t want to spend a lot of it managing their bills,” says Braidee Leon, Prism’s Payment and Support Team Manager. “Instead of toggling this, tapping that, clicking here and swiping there, users now have full control over all their bills in one convenient location. The result is a more intuitive and significantly faster bill pay experience.”

The new bill pay action center allows users to see the “big picture” so they always know what’s owed and what’s coming up.

Other New Features of the New-Look Prism App

Since launching the app in 2011, we’ve learned a lot about how people like to pay their bills—they want speed, choice and intelligence. Prism already delivers on these expectations, so the refresh was focused on modernizing the look and feel of the app to make bill management easier, more intuitive and more enjoyable than ever before.

"We’ve always focused on what our users tell us, they provide our best feedback—and it’s been no different going through this refresh,” according to Leon. “A lot of people were involved in this project, but ultimately every important decision regarding how the new app looks, feels and functions was based on user input collected over the years.”

Users spoke, the Prism team listened; some of the other new features inside Prism include:

  • Actionable expense summary: Combined with the app’s existing real-time bill payment capabilities, Prism now also provides users with a real-time view of their expenses. The app’s new expense summary visualizes linked account balances so users can see where their money is going each month.
  • Quick biller linking: In the spirit of saving time, the updated Prism app features significantly faster biller onboarding and linking capabilities. The account set-up process has been cut in half to streamline enrollment. Users can search by biller categories, see top biller suggestions based on their location and add more than one biller at the same time. The result? Prism users can experience bill pay magic even sooner.
  • Streamlined payment flows: The updated experience will let users pay multiple billers with custom amounts, different payment dates and using different payment methods with minimal finger taps, swipes and clicks required. Not only will this allow users to zip through paying their monthly bills faster, but it also helps them make incremental payments on-the-fly so they can easily paydown credit cards and loans.
The new-look Prism app delivers the speed, choice, and intelligence users expect for a truly modern experience.

Open or Download the App to Start Enjoying Today!

In the spirit of making peoples’ lives easier—which is what Prism is really all about—existing users won’t have to worry about migrating their data to the refreshed app. Prism users can expect to see the new experience upon logging in, with all their information right in front of them.

If you are an existing Prism user, simply open the app, login and start enjoying the new face of bill pay; if you haven’t yet experienced Prism, download today.

For financial institutions and fintechs interested in bringing the look, feel and functionality of Prism to their users, get in touch with BillGO to learn about our API integrations and fully hosted bill pay solutions. Contact us online to learn more.