BillGO Expands to New Office Space


Rapid growth has BillGO looking to attract the best talent with views, fun and awesomeness.

Fort Collins, Colo., October 01, 2018 – BillGO employees embrace rapid growth in a new office space today. Employees arrived this morning at a newly-renovated office featuring state-of-the-art amenities coupled with design features to inspire employees and attract the best engineering talent.

The new space boasts a large amphitheater-like control room dubbed “SPARK” with giant flat-screen monitors on the walls. Here, engineers will continue to automate payment systems and track the quality of real-time payments – while pushing to innovate past what already exists, advancing the entire US bill pay ecosystem.

The cohesive design reflects the flavor of Colorado with barn wood and steel throughout – including uniquely designed “hangout” areas for BillGO employees to unwind and build camaraderie. Undoubtedly the most anticipated of spaces is a new setback rooftop deck with picture book views as far as the eye can see. Lined with artificial turf and filled with accessories like corn hole, overhead space heaters, a barbeque and more, employees may just like hanging around the office.

“We know an amazing company starts with its employees, which is why BillGO’s new space is the best in Northern Colorado,” said Dan Holt, CEO of BillGO. “We made the office a special place where our team can walk in every day and say: wow, I’m appreciated. The need for a space like this reaffirms the importance of new financial technologies and BillGO’s ever-increasing role in the payments space.”

BillGO is a tech-first company using automation to advance payment systems, rather than paper and human capital. Growth has been fueled by the need for speed and efficiency in bill payments systems from last century. Consumers and businesses need a faster system with better data, integrations (APIs) and automation. BillGO delivers an unmatched package that has leapfrogged the entire bill payments industry. The newly designed space is a comfortable atmosphere designed to inspire employees to do what they do best – so BillGO can maintain its lead in the payment space.

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BillGO constantly creates and innovates past what exists. That drive powers the BillGO team to relentlessly advance payment systems to accelerate speed, efficiency and security. BillGO provides a simple integration into any existing system that gives payment providers access to a faster, proven bill payments engine. Learn more:

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